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There aren’t many distinct hotel alternatives in the Maldives, but of those that are, the most well-known four types of lodgings for visitors to the Maldives are resort stays, live aboard, guesthouses, and home stay.

Accommodation and Lodging
Where to stay in the Maldives

Lodging and Accommodations

Guests may select between staying at a resort, live aboard, or in a guesthouse, or alternatively, guest can opt for a homestay to stay with a local family.


Staying at a guesthouse is the best option than staying in a holiday resort or on a liveaboard, especially for people who want to mingle with the locals and learn about Maldivian culture, the environment, and the cuisines.


A home stay is similar to staying in a guesthouse, however unlike a guesthouse a home stay involves staying with a local family. The stay can be booked primarily for room only, but certain hosts may provide B&B or full board package.

Holiday Resort

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Staying on a liveaboard allows you to see and explore more of the Maldives than staying in a resort, guesthouse, or homestay because the liveaboard stay is  on a cruise ship  generally follows an itinerary that never keeps the boat stationed in one location, keeping the boat traveling covering a different highlighted spots that are notably best of the best in the Maldives. Thus, staying aboard a boat is more exciting and great for adventurers, particularly surfers and scuba divers and those who loved boat cruising.